Managed to get away from the office a little early tonight, and it was a beautiful, slightly cool day. Got the front lawn mowed, turned the back over to Dane and actually got to work on the boat some.

If you recall, one of the window frames came out skewed and wouldn’t fit in the hole. I decided I would attempt to disassemble it and put it back together correctly. If that doesn’t work, I can always start over with it.


I’ve been a bit concerned about the strength of some of the frames, just because I’m that way, I guess. Well, maybe I don’t need to worry. I started by using the jigsaw to cut at the glue joints as much as I could. It sat there. Had to get a chisel out and hammer and pry a bit. It did finally let go, usually at the wood and not at the true joint.

It seemed still in decent shape when I got done cutting things apart, so I reassembled in place. Hopefully it will work this time. A quick trial fit looks like the plexiglas may be able to be trimmed and fit in the “new shape” without wasting the piece. We’ll see.

When we got out this evening, we picked up another gallon of hull paint to do the cabin with, and some more hinges and latches to hold the windows closed. Right now I have a clamp on one of the windows which was insistent on swinging in the wind.

Money = $62.24 + $4.36 = $66.60

Time = 1 hour