Got to work from home today so that I could greet the airconditioning installers. At least we should be cooler tonight.

Anyway, doing that let me have a "short" commute and when the work day ended, I got to move on to boat work. Did some play stuff with Dane, but he also helped me cut strips for mounting the window "glass" in the frames.

The design calls for ripping thin stick to tack on the outside of the "glass" to hold it in place. I had somehow decided that this would be quite hard and was just going to buy some pre-cut molding. Well, something that got said at dinner last night made me reconsider, and I decided I would give it a shot.

Started by cleaning up in the garage and found two strips already nearly the right size left as offcuts from something else. A quick rip and that got enough for a couple of windows. Once we got them fitted (have to paint them for sealing before we mount them for real), Dane and I ripped a 1×3 and made enough more strips for the rest of the batch.

By the time I got tired, I had all the strips for four windows fitted and the garage cleaned up a good bit (not that other people could probably tell).

Time = 2 hours