Pete Culler on Wooden Boats: The Master Craftsman’s Collected Teachings on Boat Design, Building, Repair, and Use

The insights and wisdom of the late, great. boat designer and builder.

Renowned as one of the last and best of the old-time. boatbuilders, Captain R. D.’Pete’ Culler. provided a guiding light for the wooden boat revival in. the 1970s. His designs are classic melds of elegance. and utility; his workmanship was akin to artistry; and. his teaching and writing a blend of clarity, good sense,. insight, and humor. This book brings together the complete. texts of Culler’s classic works Boats, Oars, and. Rowing and Skiffs And Schooners, along with articles from. The Mariner’s Catalogs and a selection of his timeless. boat designs.

About the Author

John Burke has been a professional. boatbuilder, a correspondent to WoodenBoat magazine, and. vice president of the Traditional Small Craft Association. He. works as a captain for Maine State Ferry Service.