As mentioned several times before, I’ve wished I had a router table off and on. Hadn’t broken down and spent the money though.

Well, my father-in-law wound up having picked one up reasonably cheap at an estate sale and its been sitting unused in his shop for a while. He read my post about wanting one and offered it up.


Its just like the one I grew up with that my Dad had, and as a bonus, has an older, but looks to be in great shape Craftsman Professional line router still attached. Not only does it look to be a pretty good router, having two will let me keep one attached to the table and one loose for freehand stuff.


As a bonus to the deal was one of the small "drill press" rigs that you can strap a handheld drill in for drill press type work. That will be sure to be handy at times, I’m sure.

Thanks, Mr. Ball!