Spent part of our boat-building time today doing a bit of "playing" with Dane. Somehow an interest has formed in blowdarts. He had looked up on the net a way to build one yourself, so we gave it a shot.

Take a Q-tip and cut the "shaft" in two. If you have the plastic shaft, take a needle, heat it red hot and "melt it in" so that the sharp end is out and the soft end of the Q-tip is at the back end. Put it in a plastic drinking straw and go to town.

We found that we only had the new "cardboard shaft" Q-tips, so mounting the needle was a bit harder. I had to drill a hole (with a very small bit) in the shaft and insert the needle. Still worked.

Downside was that we found that after a few runs, the fluff on the end spreads out so much that you can’t blow it through under human power.

Well, that moves on to "Tim the Tool Man" world. Drag out the air compressor and we now can make it fly 🙂 We could embed it in the wooden fence.

Found that a plain Q-tip without the needle and mods could get 40-50 feet across the yard.

We had fun 🙂