Tired… but a good tired.

Busy day, I think I actually got a lot done, intersperced with lots of sitting in the boat trying to figure out what was next.

In the morning I set Dane to mowing the lawn and I filled a bunch of cracks and the like around the windows with thickened epoxy.

After lunch, got back to it.

Started off cutting another of the fore/aft bulkheads. This fits at he front edge of the port berth and is designed to be cut out for drawers. I’m not sure if I’m going the draw route or will hinge the bottom of the birth to raise up. That’s not as convenient if you are sitting on it or whatever, but there isn’t a lot of room in that center aisle to be sliding open drawers either.

Went from there to building the forward facing seat on the starboard side behind the table. Flat top and an angled front (to give a little heel room). I left the side facing the center open instead of closing it as per the plans. I intend to find a decent fitting plastic tub to slide in there for storage of whatever.


Then I reworked the forward section of interior sole to host the battery box and step to the front deck. The plans imply that the battery box is sitting on the sole, but if you want to remove that section of floor to get to the bilge, you’re going to have to wrestle the battery out, etc. I broke things up a little different.

Put in a vertical panel that reached from the hull bottom up to the step height. This forms the back of the battery box and holds up both the bottom of the battery box and the front of the sole section behind it. This lets you open things up leaving the battery in place, or if you need to remove the battery, you can do that and open up that section also. The step needs finished out (hinges or fastener somehow), but it is nice to be able to step up a bit easier. Its a pretty hefty step (14"), but you can "side-step" to the helm platform and on up to the step if you want.


After that, we cut the aft sole section so now we finally have sole from bow to stern. You can walk from one end to the other without climbing over frame members or walking on a sloped bilge floor. How neat. I am going to make another removable step for the stern. Not called for, but I think it will be a lot more comfortable.

You can see the floor in that first picture.

Last night we had purchased paint for the window area. That’s going to be a burgandy "trim" color, covering the window frames and all the structure right around them. Wasn’t able to get the exact same paint I had used and been so happy with on the hull because they don’t offer it in a magenta base, which was required to mix the color we wanted. Went with a good grade latex… we’ll see how it goes.

Got the window frame areas sanded a bit and painted. Looks decent. Will definitely need a bit more sanding, probably a little filling, and some more coats of paint to get good coverage, but its neat to see a little color appearing.


After the morning crack fillings and some sanding in the afternoon, I got a first coat of paint on three of the window frames. I was a bit worried how they were going to come out (they were not exactly good examples of great joinery work), but they are looking pretty well, I think.


Tossed in all there, I had to patch the side rail on the trailer. You can see in that last shot that I tend to use the trailer as a work platform. Dropped the sheet of 3/4" ply down on it to cut the floor section and the side rail broke in two. Just an old, weathered piece of wood. I put a doubler on it (you can see it under the window frame). It will do for a saw horse, anyhow 🙂

Glen-L Teleseminar

>>> Glen-L Teleseminar


The great folks over at Glen-L are hosting their second "teleseminar" on April 21, 2009.

The subject is "8 Steps To Build the Boat of Your Dreams"… sounds like just the thing for home builders.

Sign up at their web page.

The call is at 5:00PM Pacific, 6:00PM Mountain, 7:00PM Central or 8:00PM Eastern depending on your time zone and will last about an hour or less. For our International guests, please check your local corresponding times.

If you can’t be on the live call, don’t worry as I will send you an email a day or two afterward with a link to the replay. In fact, many of you may prefer to listen to the replay and save yourself the toll-charges of the phone call. You can also listen via internet if your computer has that capability.