Many home boatbuilders seem to be master scroungers. They can find cheap and free materials all over the place.

Well, I guess its not really in my nature, although I’m getting a little better.

Today, I think I made a big score. Happened to be at Lowes for something else and wandered down to find their plexiglas/lexan display. Was checking out prices and stuff to try to figure out how I was ever going to afford something to put in those window frames I’ve been working on.

Standing to one side of the display was a box with four 36"x72" sheets with a crack at one end. They cut me a really good deal. Not exactly what I was looking for, and a bit thinner than called for but usable and the crack fell in place well enough for me to work around it. I can get all 8 windows out of those four sheets. May not be something I want to take into heavy weather, but for my initial while, we’re looking at some rivers and things and I don’t expect to be taking waves broadside.

At the very least, it gives me a way to get things closed up and weatherproof. Which will let me move forward with actually finishing the interior and systems.

I’m pleased.

Money = $115.00 + $8.05 (tax) = $123.05

Time = 30 minutes (measuring to see if it will work)