This has absolutely nothing to do with boats, unless you consider that many boats have toilets. Sorry, but I just had to share.

I had to replace a toilet seat in the house this evening. While we were out, picked up a likely looking one at Home Depot (how do you compare a toilet seat when they are hanging on the wall… it’s not like you can try them out)?

Got home and put it on. Fine.

Now, for the funny part. The model name is "XCite!â„¢" by Bemis. Uh, Xcite??? What about a toilet seat is exciting?

Then I find in the packaging a card urging me to register my toilet seat online. Uh, register it? Online?

Ok, too good to pass up, I did it. After filling in enough information to be on toilet seat mailing lists forever, I clicked submit. The response page?

Thank you for testing the XCITE! toilet seat. Your feedback is helping us make improvement to the XCITE! seat!

Note that word… testing. Testing? TESTING?

Maybe I’ll use the other bathroom.