First off, Happy Easter to everyone!

We had a great celebration of Christ rising from the dead at church this morning (full house), and then fun with my family over lunch and dying some eggs and the like with Dane.

When that wound down, Dane and I made a quick run to the local big-box store to see if they carry Lexan, which my father remembered seeing there. They do, although its pricey. We managed to hit the ice-cream store on the way home, and then he retreated to read and I did a bit of boat work.

Got the sampson post bolted in place and filled a gap under the anchor well cover with some small wood pieces. When the glue was about dry, got them planed to size and the anchor well cover is nearly ready to fasten.

Got it trimmed close to the right size. Went around the boat filling various cracks and holes with thickened epoxy. Some work on the worst places on the window frames.

Also put three strips of fiberglass with epoxy on the seams in the roof. I think at least one of them has been seeping a little and getting between the laminations of the roof. We’ll see if that makes it better.

Money = $5.58 (carriage bolts) + .39 (tax) = $5.97

Time = 2.5 hours