Busy day today…

First off, Dane and I did a lot of work on the aft storage lockers in the sponsons next to the motor mount. I replaced the temporary lids I had made with "finished off" versions. Planed things down to the right height and made a lid that overlaps the edges. This isn’t quite as designed, although the plans were a little unclear to me on the best way. I intend to hinge this lid at the back and let the entire thing lift up.


Did have one slight goof in that we got them just about finished up and in place and I realized that they overlapped into the path of the aft cockpit storage locker lids. Had to trim them back a bit to let things open ok.

We also got the front sampson post in place and ready to bolt. I got the wrong length bolts, so they aren’t fastened, but we’re ready. Fit a piece of ply around it to close off the front "anchor well" opening. It’s not trimmed to fit the sides of the hull yet, but is close.


Did a bit of sanding and fitting around the side windows to clean that up a bit.

Money = $52.55 (wood, nuts, hinges) + $3.68 (tax) = $56.23

Time = 4 hours