>>> DIY Machine Tools

If you are doing something as big as building a boat, you are probably at least somewhat "handy" and are comfortable working with your hands. Many of us are limited in our resources and would love to do more involved work with metal (or wood), but are lacking tools.

A machine shop is often a droolworthy place for a boat builder. We wish we could just machine up that fitting we need and can envision in our head. Well, now you can build your own machine shop.


Pat Delany has spent several years figuring out the basics of how to take easily obtainable, already machined parts (mostly things like junk engine blocks from cars) and fitting them together to create machine tools. There is a thriving Yahoo Group with members suggesting additions and furthering the design.

Make sure and check the files section for the detailed PDF on how this all works, and the photos section is chock full of other creations by some talented people.