I’m on my own for a few days while Melanie and Dane are out of town, so once I got loose of work issues, I got some heavy boat work time in today.

Started off planing and fitting the window frames a bit. That went better than I expected. They are definitely going to need some filling of some "opps" places, but I think they will come out fairly well.

Moved on to cutting some trash 1/4" ply to act as "windows" for some of the frames. Its going to be a little bit before I can afford the plexiglass/lexan for the windows, so this will close things up and hopefully let me work on the interior without the rain washing things out every few days.

Stopped by Home Depot at lunch and picked up a few odds and ends, including some screws and aluminum C-channel that I considered using for a the rear sliding door track.

When I got home and experimented with that, it looked like it wasn’t going to fit well and would be hard to mount, so I returned it later and went with the called for wood track. Just cut a "groove" out of a 2×2 and mounted the assembly on the aft cabin wall. Cut a door panel and mounted it, with another slide track at the top. Still some fitting to be done, but it seems to work pretty well.

My biggest accomplishment though was pretty well finishing up the rear cockpit benches. Got their tops made and ready for hingeing. They came out very nice, if I do say so myself. that will be a nice place to sit outside when on the boat. The storage is significant, and will be used for fuel/batteries (depending on my choice of powerplant).

Melanie has the camera, so regrettably I can’t give any pictures today. I’ll have to catch up later.

Money = $19.51 (chisels, hinges, screws) + $1.37 (tax) = 20.88

Money Refund = $5.96 (returned wrong size hinges) + .42 (tax) = $-6.38

Time = 5 hours