A beautiful day here in Atlanta today… this afternoon got out and enjoyed the weather a bit.

Planed the new cabin sides flush with the roof, then sealed the seam with epoxy. While that was tacky, put on a layer of fiberglass tape with thin epoxy. This is the same construction that the hull chines have. I hope it is similarly waterproof.

Also put on a couple of small strips on the inside of the cabin walls to join the upper and lower sections (keep the seam aligned). Seems to be working ok. I’ll fill that seam with epoxy on the outside.

Sanded the side decks preparatory to filling some cracks and then putting bedliner material on them. How do people handle the different expansion rates of wood? I’ve had a few places trying to separate due to different wood types (plywood vs. dimensional lumber).

I did have a bit of the epoxy filling the cabin side to deck seam on the port side seem to still be tacky today. I don’t know if I didn’t get enough hardener in it or what. It seemed to still be getting better as things got warmer… maybe it was just too cold for it, but it didn’t seem like it.

I stepped in the tacky epoxy (of course), then stepped in the grass. By the end of it, I managed to get grass embedded on the port side deck. That will take a bit more sanding 🙂

Time = 2.5 hours