Well, got 5 more sheets of MDO delivered. I’m going to use it to replace the cabin sidewalls that I have in place. One side is "ok", but not great. The other is warping and bubbling up. You can’t seem to get decent 1/4" ply around these parts. 1/2", 3/4", no problem… but any 1/4" I find doesn’t hold up.

I’m going to modify the design slightly and put one layer of 1/2" MDO on the side panels. The design calls for 1/4" exterior and a gap and 1/4" interior. I’ll loose the insulation factor of having two layers, but the 1/2" will weigh about the same (actually, may be less since the MDO is a little lighter than some 1/2" stuff) and will be much more waterproof.

It would have been cheaper and easier if I had just gone that route to begin with.

Got one side ripped off (found that the glue was holding well, if nothing else) and partially replaced.

Oh, and I continue to recommend Sign Supply USA. I have bought all my MDO from them. They deliver for free if you buy over a certain amount (I’m not sure the limit) which is really handy. Today, the driver had stacked the wood back by my shed, out of site, near the boat and down several steps. Saved me a bunch of hauling. They have locations scattered around the US.

Money = $297.60 + $20.84 (tax) = $318.44

Time = 1 hour