Man, really good day in the boatbuilding world here.

It started a bit cloudy, but wound up sunny and 75 degrees… very nice.

Started out cutting the starboard side window frames to have their "top curve"… that went fairly easy.


Moved on to assembling the port side window frames and finishing the window stops for the windows to close against. From there, moved to caulking around all the window "areas" to get them ready to paint and mount. Still some sanding and filling to do, but got a fair amount of that done.

Dane and I decided to move to closing in the hull sides under the windows. Given that the piece has to follow the curve of the sheer and line up with the bottom of the windows (which aren’t in a straight line), I was dreading how to cut this piece.

Decided to use some scrap from the hull side for this fairly small area and grabbed a cutoff that I had laying around (8′ long and a foot wide or so). One side was "curved" from whereever it had been cut from. I set it up on the sheer and it fit. Huh???

It had apparently been an offcut from when I trimmed the hull side at the sheer clamp when the hull was upside down. What’s the chance that I would grab a piece that pretty much fit?


Marked at the window line, cut and it was ready to do. Decided that I would test fit it on the port side and see how close it matched. I figured there was enough variance in my port/starboard side that it wouldn’t be a good fit. Nope… fit fine, so I used it for a template and made another one. Got those in place, and closed in the small areas under the two front windows.


It really "closes things up" a bit. Makes it seem much more like progress, although I can tell I’m going to miss a bit of the open feel that its had all along. Only real bad part today was I didn’t think to wear a hat and got a little sun on my receding hairline 🙂

Money = $49.00 (replacement ladder) + $3.43 (tax) = $52.43

Time = 5 hours