Grrr… feel like you’re making good progress and the whims of boatbuilding rear their ugly head.

If you recall, in the last episode we had sunny, warm temperatures and I was trucking right along.

What a difference a day makes. Notice anything odd here (just 24 hours later).


It snowed yesterday… yes, snow. For several hours. 3-5 inches of very wet snow.

I pumped things out a couple of times yesterday, and then after I got home tonight, and everything melted, I finished up. Got to looking at the keel a bit, looking to see how the temperature changes were doing on the seams and found a problem. Actually several.

It was seeping water out in about 4 places. Just pin-prick areas. As near as I can figure it, the void between the inner and outer keel has finally gotten enough water in it from all the flooding of the last week, combined with several rapid temperature changes opening up a couple of little cracks to have the water dripping out.

Maybe I would have been better to just drill a drain hole at the beginning. Well, if I can get the top closed up the rest of the way so we quit getting much water into it, the bottom will drain itself after a few warm days, I think. Then a little patching (and probably the expansion from warmer weather will help) and I think it will be ok. Probably a future source of rot down the road, but probably way down the road. Let’s get on the water and use the thing!