Anybody that’s dealt with computers for any length of time has learned (probably the hard way) that you should always make backups.

When you’re building a boat, the same rule applies to your paper plans.

When we came back from being out of town, I found that a couple of pages of my plan set had blown over into my epoxy drip pan. Normally the epoxy jugs of resin and hardener sit in this little tray. As you can see, from my normal messiness with glue, it has caught a lot over previous the year.

I had taken the epoxy into the garage to keep it out of some of the expected temperature extremes. The little window on my shed was partially open and the wind did the rest.



Those pages were just a couple from the top of the stack and were mostly "overview" pages showing the general profile and the like. Something I could do without for a while.

Well, Saturday while working away on other stuff, the rest of the stack succumbed to a sudden gust of wind and wound up in the puddles of a wet bilge. I think it’s just scrap now.


Thankfully, those were just a copy I had made. I still have the originals and will copy off another set.