Yesterday (Saturday) was supposed to be cool and rainy here… figured I was going to get wiped out from getting to work on the boat yet again.

Surprise, surprise, the rain came and went during Friday night and Saturday turned off sunny and warm (nearly 70).

Got to work for a good while. Started out putting the "window stop" pieces in place. These are the "bumpers" or whatever you call the piece of trim that a swinging window closes against to keep it from swinging inside the boat.

While fiddling with that, got the upper and lower sills for the two forward windows in place. That took a couple of tries (some interesting angles to figure out there), but they came out ok.


Also put a piece in place to close off the "triangle" between the forward bulkhead and those same windows at the deck side level. I was thinking of putting this in at a slope so that water would drain off easily. About that time, Dane came climbing down the side deck and stepped right at that point.

Made me realize that this was going to be a common place to step and that having a sloping board there wasn’t a good idea. I was really glad he figured it out for us, without realizing it (at first he thought I was upset he had stepped there… I was really quite glad).

During our evening errands, picked up a little glue, sealant and some jigsaw blades.

Money = $16.91 + $1.18 (tax) = $18.09

Time = 3 hours