Sorry things have been a little slow, we’ve been out of town visiting some friends. Made a trip "out west" to Oklahoma. Being a driving trip, we passed over several nice waterways of note: the Tenn-Tom, the Mississippi, the Arkansas River (multiple times) and several others. Every time I go across some of those rivers, it really reminds me of why I’m building this thing, and makes me more anxious to get back to it.

Then I got home tonight (late). It’s quite cold here (colder than it had been out west, which is odd) and the boat had more water in it than I’ve seen in a long time. We had some bad storms here while we were gone and they really put some water down. I didn’t see any damage except for the water, so we pumped for a while and we’re back to where we were. Maybe tomorrow I can work on things some, assuming it thaws out enough to stand it.

Money (2/7/09) – 2×8 for window framing – $3.57 + .25 (tax) = $3.82