>>> Perfect Passagemaker Wiki

Some of the guys from a couple of the mailing lists (PuP and Trawlers and Trawlering) have put a wiki page up to foster discussion of building the "perfect passagemaker". I don’t know that it has hit "critical mass" to get a lot of discussion going, but certainly worth a look, and I’m sure they would love additional input.

This is a place for discussing the attributes of blue water, ocean going passagemakers. It is an offshoot of discussion on the Passagemaking Under Power (PUP) discussion group monitored by Georgs Kolesnikovs and sponsored by TrawlersAndTrawlering.com, but this effort is not of his doing (so don’t blame him!).

This has to be a community effort, though I (Jonathan) am willing to do the "wiki" parts. I am going through the PUP discussion of the "Perfect Passagemaker (PPM), pulling out specific comments and discussion, and plugging them in to the appropriate spots in the wiki. Anyone who would like to add material to the wiki and doesn’t want to do it themselves, can just send me a copy. My role is not to "edit" in the sense of taking sides, but to simply make available people’s experiences and comments about a variety of topics. It is meant as a forum for different ideas and to give everyone the benefit of a large community of passagemakers.