Well, Dane and I got a good bit knocked out this afternoon in a short time. Its always nice when things go well.

We got the rear cabin door posts mounted in place. This gives us roof support at the back to make sure the bow doesn’t try to flatten out. That lets me take the temporary support out that was there and move around much easier.

After that, we put a support in place at Frame F (front of the galley area) that will support the roof there. The bulkhead is slated to go to the roof at that location, and I may yet do that, but until then, this will support things nicely and let us move around the cabin without the runner down the middle for the roof.

Moving on from there, we got the side panels for the two stern lockers fastened in place. I put a block on the rear deck and fastened the locker sides to it. They will get some more structure and a top (hopefully soon).

After those panels were in place, we put two coats of the bedliner down the back deck center section (walk area). That will waterproof that nicely and have it all sealed. We may do the inside of the lockers also (I will if I have enough left), but wanted to start in the exposed area.

All-in-all, a nice couple of hours!

Time = 2 hours