As most of the U.S. probably knows by now, we’re having a cold snap. Well, it’s finally made it to Georgia. We’re battening down the hatches (in some cases literally) for single digit temperatures. I’m sure that’s nothing to some of you, but not something we get often.

I made sure the boat was totally dry, took the pump inside the house (in case there’s any water in it), and brought in any paint and epoxy from the shed to keep it from freezing. Nearly missed that the portable shop vac had been used to suck up some water and had a 1/2 gallon sloshing in it, but its empty now.

Crawled under the house and turned off the outside water faucets. After crawling to the far end of the house to get to one, I found out that the valve for it is actually in the garage. Very convenient, if you knew it. I’ve lived here nearly 12 years and never noticed that (you can tell how often we have to do this routine).

Anyway, everybody stay warm. If I get a chance, I’m going to pick up some wood to build window frames out of. I can do that in the garage and stay reasonably warm.

Time = 30 minutes