Wound up with more time to work today… Dane and I bundled up and actually got some things done.

First off, here’s a picture of the (now dry) front deck with the bed liner material. It came out looking really nice, I think. Please excuse the ball of masking/edging tape and the dirty footprints. Dane had been removing the tape. As for the footprints, we’ll soon be seeing how easy this stuff is to clean. Apparently water, soap and a stiff brush are in order. It certainly seems tough enough to deal with that.


Speaking of masking tape… the supplier recommends removing the tape as soon as the Durabak is dry. Of course we left it in place for a couple of weeks since we were going to have to put on a second layer. I now concur with the manufacturer and recommend its prompt removal. Dane REALLY, REALLY recommends removing it promptly, since he got most of the scraping duties.

While he worked on that, I put in the sole supports for the helm platform and got it fitted into place. Moved on to getting the vertical bulkhead the seals off under the helm area. Got it all cut and notched and in place (not fastened yet).

Dane moved from tape removal to vacuuming and cleaned a bunch inside. We still have a ways to go on that, but since we keep cutting and sanding in there, it just keeps getting messy.

At the end, we had the floor mostly in place (one piece removed since we were working in there), the helm platform in place, and the initial pass at the couch/bench seat on the port side base sitting in place. It really kind of looks like a boat.


Did some measuring on how we’re going to handle the head (bathroom) wall and the galley cabinets. On the galley cabinets, the plans call for a built-in section of cabinetry. Given my “fine” woodworking skills, I’m thinking seriously of using a prefab cabinet unit or two. They are inexpensive, reasonably well made these days, and quick to put in place. I would be a long time building something as nice. Have to think on that more.

Money = $8.69 (screws) + .61 tax = $9.30

Time = 2 hours