Was supposed to rain most of the day, but wound up not getting much until after dark, so we got a bit done.

Seems to have all been geared around floors (soles). First off got the next (hopefully final) coat of bed liner on the forward deck. Seems to look really nice and is tough as nails.

Then cut and laid in the center cabin sole sections for the front half of the cabin. This involved removing some of the temporary roof supports (seemed to be ok) and laying in 3/4" plywood sections. It’s nice to be able to walk without climbing around quite as much.

After that (and lunch) we picked up another 3/4" sheet of ply and I cut the section of "helm platform". This will serve as the floor under the starboard helm area and the eating area. Took quite a few trimming cycles before I got it to fit around all the frame members and cabin support posts, but it seems to have done ok.

I still need to tack in some edge supports for the helm area, but that should be straightforward.

Money = $29.88 + $2.09 (tax) = $31.97

Time = 4 hours