>>> Barquito for sale

In the past we’ve had several postings covering the building and use of Barquito. Now David needs to find her a good home.

Check out his site and contact him if you are interested:

Handmade, small craft for day use. One-of-a-kind folding sailboat. This is not a joke. It is a folding boat.

Capacity 300 lbs. Suitable for lakes and protected waters. Fun for one adult, adult and child or possibly two youths. 8 ft long. Can be rowed or sailed. Kept at a cabin near a lake. Sail rig suitable for light to moderate airs. Boat is able to tack, able to make placid progress upwind. Sail rig, Rudder, Dagger board, Anchor, Oars, Fittings included. When folded fits inside a small suv. Wood construction. Good, sound condition. Not suitable for storage in the water. This boat has not been titled or registered. Buyers responsibility Sale will be final.

Have sailed Lake Redman, York. Will demonstrate by appointment. Buyer must pick up at my location at time convenient to me. Reason for sale: Moving to new location, can’t take boat.
Asking $425

More info, pictures and video visit website–post the HTTP into your browser: http://www.nfdc.net/home/cbdb/barquito%20folding%20boat%20l.htm

Serious inquiry welcomed.
David B.
Contact [email protected]