An alternate title for this could be "do it right the first time".

As I think I mentioned, the "deal" I got on ply for the cabin roof wasn’t a good deal. It fell apart rapidly and made a real mess. Today was the day to fix that.

Got up, got the "mess" cut off (the glue and fasteners held… that’s about the only thing) and started putting the new wood on. It took me a little bit to find a good way to hold the new wood in place while I got it clamped/fastened. The plans call for three layers of 1/4", but this time I went with one layer of 1/2" and one of 1/4". The 1/2" was a bit hard to flex to the desired shape, but I got it worked out.

I wound up using ratcheting tie-down straps like you use to hold things on top of a car or something. After I hit on that idea, it took another bit to find the best way to fasten them. Wound up screwing a block to one end of the ply with the tie-down under the block. Then fasten the ratchet to the strongback and pull down. Worked well.

Got both layers on and an initial coat of paint on the top. I was pretty much finishing in the dark, but I was going to have some layer of sealant to help protect this one. I’ll get the rest of my planned sealing done when I trim it all to fit in the next few days (I hope).

No pictures today since my wife and son have the camera with them on a school field trip.

Nice to get something done again. I had reached the point of having nightmares about the boat rotting away while I couldn’t work on it.

Money = $74.79 (paint, tie-downs, clamps, etc.) + $5.24 (tax)

Time = 6 hours