Well, if its not too cold to work tomorrow, I’m ready to go…

The bedliner coating came today. Packaging was nice and a detailed instruction sheet came with it. It came as 4 quart cans instead of one big gallon can. I think that was probably a really good thing, since the “open life” on these cans is only a few hours, so I can probably use up a can per job and not have as much possibility of it going bad.

Picked up more wood to redo the cabin roof. I hope to get the mess removed and the new one on tomorrow. If I can get that done quickly (yeah, right), then I’ll move to maybe doing some of the deck coating (assuming it gets warm enough). Also picked up a gallon of Xylene, which is the only solvent and thinner allowed with the Durabak.

Money = $116.34 (wood and misc. supplies) + $8.14 (tax) = $124.48