New Puget Sound Maritime blog

>>> New Puget Sound Maritime blog

From the producer of the great Navagear blog comes a new offshoot that you may want to check out. From his announcement on Mad Marinerâ„¢:

For over a year, I’ve tried to strike a balance between relevant, on-topic gear and gadgets posts and fascinating, off-topic regional maritime stories. A lot of the great stories I’ve encountered were so far off-topic that I was obliged not to include them on Navagear at all. It’s been a bit of a struggle. "If only I had a publishing venue, parallel to Navagear, that would allow me to focus on a broader field of subjects with a narrower geographic scope…"

Window Sills and Hatch covers

After much excitement and family time doing Christmas most of the day, I took a bit of time while Dane played with the new Wii and worked on the boat.

First off was to try to finish cutting the rear sponson hatch covers. I had begun this some time ago, but hadn’t finished them and after thinking about it, had decided that they weren’t going to fit like I wanted anyhow. Decided to revisit this today. I now have two covers that fit (kind of) in the holes, but to actually be hatches, I’m not sure this will work well. I can seal them up, but being able to set up opening hatches that will mostly keep water out, I’m not so sure of.


I expect that I will recut these to become the locker bottoms and cut new tops at some point. For now they are setting in place to help keep the rain out if nothing else.

After nearly shutting down in disgust, I attacked the window sills. That went much better. I had forgotten it, but I had picked up a stack of 1x’s a while back that were the right size. Cut to length and fasten in place. It changes the looks to me to have the windows "defined". They still have to have actual framing added to hold the glass, but you can see where things will fit much better.


Time = 2 hours