Promoted Dane to lawn mowing class today, so while he did that, I got some done on the boat 🙂

Routed out some on the framework for the rear sponson areas so that I can get an opening hatch cover mounted there. They are designed to be propane tank storage. Don’t know if that’s what I’ll use them for, but they will definitely be good storage for something.

Dane and I went and got another sheet of 3/4" ply for the hatch tops and future use for something (probably the tops of the rear deck seats/storage compartments. Got one of the covers cut to size before the rain called things quits for the day.

Thanks to the Ball’s for the birthday money to pay for the ply!

Money = $29.88 (ply) + $2.09 (tax) = $31.97

Time = 45 minutes