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We covered the nice looking Nora Jayne the other day. Built by Maxweld Boats, its a fine looking craft. They seem to build some really slick power cats in aluminum. Their web site has lots of pictures and details to drool over.

MAXWELD BOATS are excellent aluminum crafted boats built and tested in the rugged Pacific Northwest waters to prove they excel in all types of offshore conditions as well as eating up any type of swells and wind chop conditions. At MAXWELD BOATS, our aluminum power catamarans are custom-designed, custom-built, and custom-rigged to accommodate each client’s boating needs, whether it is a sport fish/charter boat, a landing craft/bow ramp boat, a patrol and rescue boat, or a personal pleasure craft. You will not have to waste your time, effort, and money on modifications to make your new vessel to suit your style.