Worked for a while today…

On the foredeck, got the front hatch fitting pretty well (needed a little sanding). We looked and discussed about a handle for it. I didn’t want a handle on top due to it being a trip hazard. Considered handles from the sides which would be better… after considering that for a bit, hit on the idea of just routing out a grip area in a couple of places around the hatch. That lets you get a good grip on things, but there’s no trip or foot hazard.

Cut some small scupper holes to drain the foredeck. There are all kind of ways to handle this, and I considered a lot of them, but I am aiming toward simple. Not a lot to go wrong with a scupper (hole overboard). I can rig a block for it and/or close it up totally if I find I don’t like them, but for now, a way to dump rainwater overboard will be a big help, if nothing else.

On the rear deck I got most of the rest of the underdeck work finished (fillets, sealing, etc.). I’ll get a coat of paint under there and then it will be time to permanently attach the rear deck.

One note… if you have a nicely finished epoxy fillet that is still wet, don’t cut wood nearby or else you now have a slightly "fuzzy" epoxy fillet. That sawdust will cover it, no matter what. Ah well, won’t hurt anything.

Money = $5.73 (wire nuts to fix grinder and some chip brushes) + .40 (tax) = $6.13

Time = 3 hours