Got to work a bit tonight.

Put the epoxy fillet on the inner sides of the motor mount/transom. If you recall, this piece is a four layer (1/2" each) layup of MDO designed to hold the outboard. There is a good bit of stress on here and the designer spec’s an epoxy fillet where it attaches to at each end.

I had done the outer side when I was finishing the hull sheathing, but never did the inner side. Well, it’s there now, with a nice piece of fiberglass strip and plenty of epoxy.

Also did a little sealing at the bow and gave the hatch cover a sealing coat.

Have a few places around the bow with some small cracks where I had sealed some places with epoxy. I filled some of those… I guess the sudden cold snap we’ve had here caused it to shrink a bit more than it could handle.

Time = 1 hour