After work taking much of the night and this morning, wasn’t up to a lot today, but wound up having a good few hours this afternoon.

Started off buying a new jigsaw. Went ahead and spent a little more and got the Bosch I had been wanting: Bosch 1587AVSK Top-Handle Jig Saw Kit. My Dad had used Bosch jigsaws at his work in years past and recommended them highly. He’s right.

Nice, tool-less blade change system, but with a positive lock that should hold the blade, a nice collection of blades, and a case. It weighs enough to notice, which I thought might be a problem, but I think it may be an advantage… its solid and stays put on the workplace. And the lack of vibration is amazing to me.

And it cuts… right through stuff the Skill and other saws were having issues with.


So, Dane vacuumed out the sanding dust and stuff from the front deck and then I cut the front and rear "doorways" cuts through the bulkheads. Both frames are designed for a significant "step over" so they aren’t flush at floor level. Getting these cut down makes it much easier climbing in and out, especially for Dane with shorter legs.

We did some cleanup inside the boat and used the new jigsaw to finish cutting the floor supports level. Put in one piece of temporary floor just to have something to stand on and see how the height works.

After tearing my knee up some on a protruding screw, I figured out my grinder cord repair apparently didn’t hold. I went to remove that screw point and the grinder wouldn’t power up. I was a bit befuddled. Had totally forgotten the round about messing up the cord. Thanks again to Dane who asked if my cord still had a problem. Apparently so.

Here’s a picture of the aft cockpit area with the side bench/locker boards propped in place to get an idea of the layout.


Money = $95 (jigsaw)

Time = 2 hours