As I’ve mentioned in a couple of recent build posts, I’ve been doing some looking/researching on "bedliner" material. This is the rubbery paint type stuff that is sprayed, rolled or brushed on pickup truck bed as a protective layer. Several builders on various mailing lists have recommended it as a good coating for decks, and I think I’ll be giving it a try.

Several of the suppliers/vendors recommend it for marine use, especially as a deck coating, so this isn’t a real "off-the-wall" thing to do. Using it over wood is a little different than the more common "over metal" usage, but the suppliers rate it for wood applications.

Below I’ll list some of the sources I’ve found… a few comments and thoughts are tossed in. I can’t vouch for any of them, but wanted to list them all in one place so that I can find them again, and so that any of you who are wanting to shop can check them out.

First off, there’s always the "big boys" in the spray-on world. These are usually applied by local franchisees who will professionally apply the coating. It can be pricey, but is very tough:

Then there are some other big name products in the personal application arena. These products are often rolled or brushed, but can be sprayed if you have a big compressor available:

  • Herculiner
  • Durabak – They seem to be the maker of Herculiner. Available in more colors and a "smooth" variant that doesn’t have the heavy texture that’s more the norm. Of course you give up some skid resistence that way, but walking barefoot on some skid resistent stuff is not fun. Right now I’m leaning heavily toward this.

Then there are some other suppliers that I’ve found:

  • DupliColor Truck Bed Coating – This seems to be a "lower end" product. Several boards I’ve read don’t hold it in high regard at all.
  • Hyperseal – Lots of uses documented for this project, including a swimming pool liner product. Sounds like it can stand immersion.
  • Morton Sprayable Urethane – I have seen just a couple of references to this one. Can’t find much about it, but there were some positive comments.
  • Lava-Liner – This seems to be a commercial/industrial coatings supplier. Looks like good stuff, but don’t know if you can buy it as an individual.
  • Rattleguard – This looks like it might be a good product; made for amateur applications, but seeming to match up well with some of the commercial product. This is the other option I’m really looking at.

For sources, don’t forget Amazon and other online retailers. You might be surprised what is available 🙂