Well, got home today and even had a little time to work on the boat… after looking some more (and cutting by hand a bit more) at the inner floor supports, I decided to move to the foredeck and see if I could clean up some of the poor Xynole laying I had done.

Broke out the angle grinder and FINALLY figured out what I was doing wrong in trying to replace the grinding wheel. I had a replacement wheel that fit the diameter of the shaft, but it wasn’t as thick at the center as the original, and the collet wouldn’t tighten down enough (it bottomed out). Well, if you turn it over, it’s dimpled the other way and works great… duh.

Anyway, put my standard 60 grit sanding wheel over the grinding wheel (probably not recommended at all, but works great for me) and got to work grinding off the rough edges and smoothing things out. That was going great guns until I turned and found out just how fast you can grind through the electric cord on your tool. Whack.

So, finished up with the random orbit sander and then spliced the grinder cord back together.

Got most of the foredeck cleaned up and ready for a better coating job. I’ve about decided to go with one of the "rubberized paint" type coverings for some of these deck areas. More details as I figure them out.

Time = 1 hour