>>> Zuumer – Very Light Electric Vehicle

We’ve had a variety of bicycle and other "away from the boat" transportation ideas before. When I read people’s cruise logs, they either stay on the boat all the time (not me), wind up renting a car, or do some combination of bike and walk. The bike and walk obviously has some advantages and disadvantages and I kind of keep my eye out for likely alternatives.

The Zuumer is a nifty cross between a scooter, a surf board and an electric bike.

Check out their home page and also this excellent detailed review. Read below for more details and a video.

What’s unique is the pivoting or leaning rear suspension. Electric powered and versitle, they are beginning to get production going. You can reserve yours today.

Looks fun 🙂

Zuumer is a Very Light Electric Vehicle. Zuumer is Personal Transportation. Zuumer is a Boarding Experience.