It’s been tough seeming to be able to get much of anything done recently. Between being out of town, bad weather, work and generally just not overly motivated, its been kind of a slow spell.

Dane and I did get out for a couple of hours and try to knock out a little bit. Got the sidewall pieces cut for the aft deck lockers and kind of "mocked up" how they will fit into place. They take up more room on that deck than I that thought.

On the flip side, I’ve done a bit of research into the size of batteries, weight, etc. and they should fit nicely in these lockers in place of the specified fuel tanks if I go the electric route.

Moved from those pieces to cutting out the in-cabin deck sole support notches level. The jigsaw was acting up (so what’s new) and I didn’t get far. Before long, the scrolling knob quit controlling the direction of the blade. Fine, I’ll just lock it forward. Didn’t lock, still continued to turn off in random directions.

That won’t cut it.

Took the saw apart and it had a couple of pieces of the scroll mechanism that was heavily worn and not holding things. Although the motor was fine, this saw has been a problem from day one… I’m not a fan of Skil brand jigsaws. Just tossed the thing.

After dinner did a little jigsaw shopping 🙂

Time = 2 hours (+ one jigsaw in the trash)