Dane and I took a little while to clean up some of the front deck Xynole, sand the hatch a bit and do some trial fits of the hatch.

First off, something I’ve learned… if you want to cut Xynole, use a razor blade. I’ve tried my knife, a utility knife and scissors in the past, all with poor success. A razor blade does just great. Maybe that little tip will save somebody some work.

The Xynole didn’t come out really well at the edges. The majority of the center area are fine, but I didn’t get it laid down tightly enough at the edges. I’m afraid this is going to be messy to smooth out well enough.

I’ve been reading a bit of people using Sani-tred or other "rubberized paint" type products (truck bed liners, etc.) for exterior, above water applications.

In the past it made sense, but I’ve kind of gone down the Xynole/epoxy path on the hull and was just continuing. Honestly, I had forgotten about some of the alternatives. Just the other day I ran across a reference to another builder quite happy with Sani-tred… a builder of a much bigger, more expensive Diesel Duck. If its good for him…

Anyway, I’m going to look at this some more and post where I go.