Yesterday afternoon I got out and started on the aft cockpit deck. Had a little fitting and trimming to get the supports right. I finally understand from the plans how this is supposed to fit together. Decided it needed a bit more slope than it had come out with (my fault… design would have had it), so trimmed the aft support down a little. This will allow the aft deck and side storage boxes (designed for fuel tanks) to self drain out the stern for any water that comes aboard or spills that happen.

Cut ventilation holes through the lower parts of the frames that will be below the deck, so that air can circulate.

Cut and fitted the plywood that will be the aft deck. All-in-all went in fairly well. Will require a little more shaping and sanding to fit around the frames, but it’s pretty much there.

Money = ~$35.87 (ply, etc.) + $2.51 (tax) = $38.38

Time = 2 hours