Got started on the boat work today by cutting the other piece of the forward cockpit deck out. That went well and I soon had two pieces that fit in the hole nicely. On a down note, discovered that the second layer of the cabin roof hadn’t done well at all. I had put it on in a hurry and it shows. I think I’ll have to remove it and try again. Of course it’s nicely bonded to the first layer and probably won’t come loose, so I may have to strip the entire top off. That will be a pain.

For now, I’m leaving it in place since it does a fine job holding up the tarp and keeping the rain out.

After a break for lunch and to get back in the mood, Dane and I attacked the rest of the foredeck work. Got the hatch hole cut and mostly framed. Got support structure underneath the deck and have it set in place. All seems to fit nicely.


You can see my little stowaway checking out the lower storage compartment. This area is designed to hold the water tank and general storage. It’s handy to have a small helper that can get in there easily and hold some things 🙂

I haven’t fastened the deck in place yet, since I want to do a bit more finishing on the bilge area (at least a coat of paint and some cleanup) while its still easier to get to.

While working next to the boat, I bent over and then raised up sharply, splitting my head open (just a small wound, but it hurt like the dickens) on the sheer. Dane’s comment was "well, we know the hull’s really tough". Thanks kid 🙂

Time = 3 hours