Been out of town on business, so haven’t been able to work on the boat. Wound up that it was probably good timing, since Atlanta got a ton of rain and I wouldn’t have been able to get much done anyhow (and boy did we need the rain!).

Dane got the boat pumped out (with Melanie’s help) while I was gone, and this morning I finished cleaning up a little remainder he had missed. Tonight we made a Home Depot run and got wood.

I now have the rest of the ply for the cabin roof (may be short one piece, but we’re close), enough 3/4" stuff for the front cockpit deck, and some 1x strips for various and sundry. Tomorrow we may have time to put some of that in place.

Money = $155.12 + $10.86 (tax) = $165.98

Time = 1 hour