Got home and got busy…

First off was to unfasten (and saw off, since the glue worked great) the cabin top stringer at the port stern corner where I had mismeasured and it was way too high. Got it loose, recut the vertical and refastened it.

Then I got busy putting a layer of cabin top on. This is somewhat out-of-order from the recommended build order, but I’m trying to get things closed in a bit more rapidly since I pretty much am having to build outside without cover. I’m sure I will pay some price with difficulty in getting some of the interior bulkheads fitted and the like, but I think I can deal with that better than having to pump things out on a regular basis.


Got the three rear panels in place. The front one is just laying there in this picture. I’ll see about getting it fastened in the next day or two. I have to get the two centerline "door posts" trimmed to the right height. One of them has tried to warp… hopefully I can get that fixed without removing it (also well glued…).


Time = 2 hours