Got home and Dane and I got to work on things a while. He sanded the side decks in between helping me hold things.

I had never mounted the deck supports on Frame C and Frame J (should have been done when I made the frames, but I missed them), so we cut and put them in place.

Also sealed some more of the bilge, especially up in the front of the bow.

Spent a while trying to figure out where to cut the doorway cutouts in Frame C and J… wasn’t quite sure I had it right so I decided that I would wait and remeasure tomorrow before I mess something up.

Received another gallon of epoxy (and 1/3 gallon hardner) and 4 gallons of Cabosil/Aerosil from U.S. Composites, Inc. I’ve been really pleased with their stuff and their service. I had cracked the pick-up tube on one of my epoxy pumps a while back. Pump was fine, but I needed a tube. I included the offer to buy one from them (figured it would be cheap) in the comments section of my order. They had one nicely packaged in a zip-lock bag taped on the inside of one of my boxes – no charge.

Money = $83.25 + $19.83 (freight) = $103.08

Time = 2 hours