Had to spend most of my evening doing the lawn and that kind of stuff… didn’t have much time for the boat. I did find that having the boat "out in the yard" makes trimming the yard faster – more of it is covered by boat 🙂 Dane worked awhile on vacuuming out crud in the hull, and I did have time to put a couple of cups of epoxy in more inner hull cracks. Got most of that sealed up now… just need to get some more fillets between frames and hull bottom. After that work, Dane and I ran to the Home Depot, got some screws, a putty knife since the current epoxy spreader is about shot, and some more 1×3 to finish up the side-decks and other assorted places. The cheap black plastic putty knives sold in the paint section make great epoxy spreaders. When the epoxy is dry, you can flex them and then scrape the dried epoxy off. Works for a good while, until they get so scratched and beat up its time to just get a new one.

Money = $45.17 + $3.16 (tax) = $48.33

Time = 45 minutes