Noah’s Ark Replica Schagen Netherlands

>>> Noah’s Ark Replica Schagen Netherlands

A "scale" model of Noah’s Ark… even at 1/3-1/2 the Biblically documented size, that’s a big boat.

Replica of Noah’s Ark built by a Dutch contractor. It was built approximately to scale, however is 1/2 the length and 1/3 the width of the Biblical dimensions. It was built to show the world how massive the Ark was and how so many animals could have been housed for a long time…

Rolled Hull!

After work a friend came over and we rolled the hull.

Boy, that makes it sound easy, but it really was. As with most things I’ve been doing recently, it didn’t go anything like I had planned. I had made all kind of various plans for building a "roll cage" or various external supports and braces to support the hull while it rolled.

Wound up taking the Nike route and "just doing it" as it were. We parked a heavy vehicle to one side, tied a couple of ropes around the hull and to the come-a-long which was attached to the trailer hitch on the truck.

From that point, Roger, Melanie and I each took a 2×4 and used it as a lever to just pick up one side. That got us several feet up to the point when we ran out of height to keep lifting. After that, a board on a floor jack would let us lift for a foot or so and then put in a brace. Get a longer board for the jack and lift some more. After getting it on up, Roger and I were able to pick up on the side and flip it up on the hull side.

The ropes did just as designed (thanks Roger!) and stopped it from falling.

After that point it was a matter of letting the come-a-long out slowly and letting it down. Right at the end it "rotated" in the ropes and came to rest on the keel, slick as you can please.

I’m really impressed by how strong the hull was. I had put a couple of cross braces back across the sheer at the widest point, but I don’t know that it needed it. The hull didn’t creak or seem to bend. It came over with no damage that I’m aware of. Jacked it up at the stern and slid under my rear cradle.

Jacked a bit more at the stern and could put in the mid-point cradle. Then a couple of people hanging on the transom would bring the bow up enough to get the jack under the bow. Put in the forward cradle and tied them together with some boards on the sides.

Stood around in the hull for a bit, explaining what goes where. It seems MUCH bigger now 🙂

Yes, I’m happy!

Parsun Outboards, Generators, etc.

>>> Parsun Outboards, Generators, etc.

Please see the comment below about various sources/sites!

I’m not sure if this Parsun is related in any way to the Parsun Electric Outboard by Mars that we covered the other day or not, but I ran across it and found they have several interesting products.

Lower power (2-40 HP) 2 and 4 stroke outboards, generators, inverters and supporting equipment. Prices look quite reasonable.

Anybody from Europe familiar with them?

Under Way – Well, kind of

Borrowed a come-a-long (cable puller) from a co-worker and when I got home, Dane and I proceeded to move the hull. It is now out in the back yard in position to be rolled over.

Parked the Saturn Vue out in front, put the trailer hitch receiver on it, and hooked things up. Then the strongback didn’t prove to be nearly as strong as I thought.

The crosspiece that I attached to pulled off. Fixed that and tried again. Moved about 1/2" and it failed again.

Tried a different location. Got a few inches and failure.

Ok, something not quite right here. Did some crawling and found a few braces and things that were digging into the ground, making things harder than they should have been. Got those out of the way, and jacked up the point that passed over the sidewalk and added a couple of rollers on one side (some PVC pipe). Those changes got things moving.

Several feet out and things "crunched". Did some checking and I was getting some failures on my braces that were holding up the old frames. Just a couple of places and the stiffness of the hull was handling it fine, so on we went.

Well, quite a few more feet out and much bigger crunch. Now the hull is sitting directly on the strongback. All the braces cascade failed.

Although that wasn’t how I wanted to test its strength, that hull is much stiffer and stronger than I was giving it credit for. It had some brace pieces lodged between hull sides and the ground and the hull had just driven them in the dirt without damage or flex on the hull.

Note how much lower it’s sitting than before.

I crawled around a good while removing all the various pieces and then we finished sliding it on out. It’s now sitting on the stern cross piece and the sides of the bow, pretty as you please. We’ll see about flipping it soon.

Time = 2.5 hours

Coast Guard seeks help finding girl

Update: apparently this was a hoax/crank call.

Navagear has made a posting on Mad Marinerâ„¢ asking for help finding a little girl. If you have any information about this girl, please contact the Coast Guard at the number given.

Coast Guard Seeks Help To Identify Radio Call
Submitted by navagear on Wed, 07/23/2008 – 12:14.

SEATTLE – Audio of the radio call from a little girl to the Coast Guard in Seattle Tuesday evening. To hear the radio call click here

The Coast Guard is seeking the public’s help in identifying the source of a radio call they received earlier this evening [Tuesday evening] from a young girl who identified herself as “Kelsey.” The girl stopped transmitting before additional information could be gathered.

The girl, who said she was six years old, called the Coast Guard at 5:11 PM stating that someone with her, possibly named Kelly, was “in the water,” and was “not waking up.”

The Coast Guard copied the transmission on its radio towers in southern Puget Sound, and conducted a thorough search of the area with an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Port Angeles, Wash., and a small boat crew from Coast Guard Station Seattle.

Anyone who heard this little girl on the radio, or who can provide additional information, is requested to contact Coast Guard Sector Seattle at 206-217-6001

Stiff hull

Well, plans may be changing, not sure yet. Due to a death in the family, my Dad is out of town and we may have to wait on the tractor. Alternatively, we may do it some other way 🙂

Anyway, got out for a few minutes when I finally got home from work and broke the stongback loose of the dirt/ground. It’s been sitting there, dug into the dirt for over a year. Dirt had washed down around it, etc. My plan was to jack up the bow a little with my floor jack, place a 2×4 under the strongback amidships where its resting on a sidewalk, and then rock the bow down, popping the stern up lose of the dirt.

Well, best laid plans and all that. I jacked on the bow end of the strongback, creak, groan, pop and the strongback pulled loose in a couple of spots and started rising. The hull didn’t budge.

OK, plan B. Jacked at the back of the strongback and things came up out of the dirt fine. Jacked amidships a bit to see if it would come up and it did.

If nothing else I think I’ll try to get things dragged out in the yard a bit. Given that the strongback isn’t as strong any more, I think it may be a good plan to do that carefully and slowly, instead of just dragging with the tractor.

Also took a few minutes to pad my cradles with some old carpet. Fanciest padding you’ve ever seen. We had a couple of old oriental style rungs (nothing of great quality, but decent) that had been stored in the garage for a while. Too bad the cat had wet all over them. That had done a number on them and they are only fit for cutting up now.

Time = .5 hours

Mars Electric LLC – Parsun Electric Outboards

>>> Mars Electric LLC – Parsun Electric Outboards

A recent posting in the Electric Boats mailing list pointed me to the Mars Electric LLC site. They are offering various electric motors, controllers and other items including the Parsun Electric Outboard Motors.

Apparently they took a lot of the same design as the Briggs and Stratton Electric Outboard (which has been out of production for a while) and made a similar unit.

Cat’s in the Cradle…

Got home and built the other two "cradles" that we intend to use to hold the hull upright when we get it flipped. We decided knocking together some 2×4 and plywood "cradles" would be easier to deal with than just loose blocks, given the V-hull. We’ll see… can alway use blocks to supplement/replace if it doesn’t play well.

Roll-over is tentatively scheduled for this coming weekend, if all the players (and the tractor) can be here. Since I’m working outside, and my Dad has a tractor, we’re planning to use it to provide some of the required lift and lower instead of having to jack-block-jack-block over and over.

Time = 1.5 hours

A painted hull!

Got out this morning and did a final solvent wipe to get all the dust and dirt that I could off, then broke out the paint.


First coat went on quite nicely. I’m using an high quality exterior acrylic latex (Duramax by Valspar). Some people think that’s crazy (like several things I do), while several others that I respect recommend it highly and have had good luck. This will be a trailer boat a lot of the time, at least early on, and for the next year or so, it will be sitting in the yard like a house anyhow. I think it will be ok.

For anybody that is painting a Mark V28, you’ll need a couple of gallons. One gallon is rated to cover 300-400 square feet. I figure that the hull and sides are roughly 325-350. Seems to match up pretty well with how much I used for one coat.

We had chosen a very light grey color. After the first coat, we decided that: 1) it needed a second coat (not unexpected) and 2) we wanted a darker color. The grey was just too light and nearly looked white. The light semi-gloss also showed the various imperfections pretty badly.

First coat:

So, during the afternoon errands, we got another gallon with a slightly darker and bluer color.


There are certainly still imperfections and problems, but that both matched the color we wanted much better, and also hid a lot of problems. I’m quite pleased.

All in all, it went quite quickly. Even got a chance to put together the first "cradle" I intend to use to hold it up when we get it turned over.

Now we just have to roll it!

Money = $52.36 (paint, wood, rollers) + $3.67 (tax) = $56.03

Time = 4 hours