Had another time of laminating side decks and removing water. I thought it was fairly dry last night… apparently not. Had to clean it out a good bit.

Going to HAVE to find a good cover soon.

Dane spent a good while vacuuming out sawdust and various ick that is already collecting in the bilge. In between he helped hold side deck boards and flexed them into place for me to fasten. Went pretty well.

As usual, Dane was a big help and right in there with me. We did have one little incident though. He got some glue on his hand. I told him to make sure and not wipe it on his clothes, since he had half-way decent clothes on. He assured me that he had wiped it on the boat. OK… well we had done that a good bit, but now we’re down to parts that we will continue to see, so I mentioned that we didn’t need to wipe it on the inside much, since we’ll be seeing that, etc.

"Oh, that’s ok… I wiped it on the outside!"

Argggg… well, that’s one place a little touch-up paint will be in order.

Time = 1.5 hours