(missed getting this entry posted yesterday, sorry).

After church I ran by the Home Depot and got lumber for the side decks. These are 1x laminated up 4 layers deep. With the sheer clamps already in place that adds up to 4.5 inches or so. Enough to have a toe-hold to move around beside the cabin if you have to, and also lets the cabin side walls be pretty much vertical. Also picked up some screws, a grinding wheel, etc.

Anyway, then I spent a couple of hours cutting the frames to fit around the side decks, notching the bulkheads, etc. This wasn’t real clear in the plans, and I really think the idea probably worked a little better on the V39 where the frames were temporary and removed once the hull was complete. Anyway, I had some correspondence with the designer and I think I’m doing it mostly right.

Got too hot after a while and called it a day.

Money = $89.16 + 6.24 (tax) = $95.40

Time = 2 hours