Borrowed a come-a-long (cable puller) from a co-worker and when I got home, Dane and I proceeded to move the hull. It is now out in the back yard in position to be rolled over.

Parked the Saturn Vue out in front, put the trailer hitch receiver on it, and hooked things up. Then the strongback didn’t prove to be nearly as strong as I thought.

The crosspiece that I attached to pulled off. Fixed that and tried again. Moved about 1/2" and it failed again.

Tried a different location. Got a few inches and failure.

Ok, something not quite right here. Did some crawling and found a few braces and things that were digging into the ground, making things harder than they should have been. Got those out of the way, and jacked up the point that passed over the sidewalk and added a couple of rollers on one side (some PVC pipe). Those changes got things moving.

Several feet out and things "crunched". Did some checking and I was getting some failures on my braces that were holding up the old frames. Just a couple of places and the stiffness of the hull was handling it fine, so on we went.

Well, quite a few more feet out and much bigger crunch. Now the hull is sitting directly on the strongback. All the braces cascade failed.

Although that wasn’t how I wanted to test its strength, that hull is much stiffer and stronger than I was giving it credit for. It had some brace pieces lodged between hull sides and the ground and the hull had just driven them in the dirt without damage or flex on the hull.

Note how much lower it’s sitting than before.

I crawled around a good while removing all the various pieces and then we finished sliding it on out. It’s now sitting on the stern cross piece and the sides of the bow, pretty as you please. We’ll see about flipping it soon.

Time = 2.5 hours