Well, plans may be changing, not sure yet. Due to a death in the family, my Dad is out of town and we may have to wait on the tractor. Alternatively, we may do it some other way 🙂

Anyway, got out for a few minutes when I finally got home from work and broke the stongback loose of the dirt/ground. It’s been sitting there, dug into the dirt for over a year. Dirt had washed down around it, etc. My plan was to jack up the bow a little with my floor jack, place a 2×4 under the strongback amidships where its resting on a sidewalk, and then rock the bow down, popping the stern up lose of the dirt.

Well, best laid plans and all that. I jacked on the bow end of the strongback, creak, groan, pop and the strongback pulled loose in a couple of spots and started rising. The hull didn’t budge.

OK, plan B. Jacked at the back of the strongback and things came up out of the dirt fine. Jacked amidships a bit to see if it would come up and it did.

If nothing else I think I’ll try to get things dragged out in the yard a bit. Given that the strongback isn’t as strong any more, I think it may be a good plan to do that carefully and slowly, instead of just dragging with the tractor.

Also took a few minutes to pad my cradles with some old carpet. Fanciest padding you’ve ever seen. We had a couple of old oriental style rungs (nothing of great quality, but decent) that had been stored in the garage for a while. Too bad the cat had wet all over them. That had done a number on them and they are only fit for cutting up now.

Time = .5 hours