Thursday during the day Melanie and Dane picked up the paint to get a layer on the hull bottom. We close to sanded out (as best as I’m getting it… it won’t be nearly as nice as a lot of the perfectionist builders out there, but it’s my boat/build and we’ll go with it). Thursday evening Dane sanded the transoms and motor well area for me. Came out really nice. I did some on the bow, finishing some stuff up. Wednesday, during the keel sanding routine, I had washed most of the hull down fairly well, trying to get most of the dust and dirt off. We’ll make a final pass tomorrow (actually today, now) with rags to get the last off and get ready to paint.

Looks like the paint is two thick to spray, and I don’t want to thin it, so we’ll go with rollers.

Money = $45.38 (paint and wood) + $3.18 (tax) = $48.56

Time = 1.5 hours